Welcome to @rtizani Studio

Creations for the Home and Garden

@rtizani Studio

Most of the items in the display space of the studio are available for purchase
- items can also be made to suit individual requirements

The display space of the studio is also my work space, so unfortunately it is usually not safe nor set up for the viewing of items - outside of the date/s listed below

The Studio in Kaiapoi is only open on the occasional Saturday

(when there is likely to be a sufficient number/variety of items for folk to view)

... planning to be open on ...


Friday 6th   9am - 5pm ???

Saturday 7th   9am - 2pm

Studio Notice

Please note that the building now has a Waimakariri District Council notice on it stating that it is Earthquake-Prone and meets less than 20% of the New Building Standard for seismic strength.
The studio will still be open on the occasional Saturday - info is so you are aware of the risks and can make an informed choice as to whether you wish to visit.

@rtizani Studio
Victoria Square

@rtizani Studio
St Margaret's

@rtizani Studio
St Bede's

@rtizani Studio
St Bede's

Rm 34 Kaiapoi Mill - 33 Ranfurly St, Kaiapoi


Contact Me

Cole - Ph/Txt 02040070933

- please note that this number is different than that on older business cards

Purchased Items

If you have purchased an @rtizani creation - Thank you . . .

If it does not look how you imagined when in situ - please bring it back for alterations, swap or refund.

A lot of what I do is experimental and therefore some methods have not been subjected to the rigours of time or all environments.

Should one of my creations not perform as you require PLEASE contact me so that I can remedy the issue and also learn and make improvements to the designs.

It is important to me that the items created are durable and provide many years of enjoyment - Thank You