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Creations for the Home and Garden

@rtizani Studio

Most of the items in the display space of the studio are available for purchase
- items can also be made to suit individual requirements

Quick video of items that were on the Studio floor 19th June 2021 - will provide an up-to-date video when I'm next open


... planning to be open on ...


Saturday 21st   Cancelled due to lock down


Saturday 4th   9:30am - 1:30pm

Please re-check closer to the proposed open date - Thanks

Upcoming Events - August

Laura Fergusson Art and Sculpture Exhibition - Arts Centre - Great Hall/Quad

Friday 27th - ticketed evening event
Saturday 28th - open to the public

Contact Me

Cole - Ph/Txt 02040070933

Rm 34 Kaiapoi Mill - 10G Walker St, Kaiapoi - for google location ( Entrance/building is 35 Ranfurly St )


Please note that the whole Mill complex has Waimakariri District Council notices on it stating that it is Earthquake-Prone and meets less than 20% of the New Building Standard for seismic strength.

Info is so you are aware of the risks and can make an informed choice as to whether you wish to visit.

@rtizani Studio
Victoria Square

@rtizani Studio
St Margaret's

@rtizani Studio
St Bede's

@rtizani Studio
St Bede's
@rtizani Studio
St Margaret's

Purchased Items

If you have purchased an @rtizani creation - Thank you . . .

If it does not look how you imagined when in situ - please bring it back for alterations, swap or refund.

A lot of what I do is experimental and therefore some methods have not been subjected to the rigours of time or all environments.

Should one of my creations not perform as you require PLEASE contact me so that I can remedy the issue and also learn and make improvements to the designs.

It is important to me that the items created are durable and provide many years of enjoyment - Thank You

General Installation - Dismantling Guide

If a Stainless Steel item, it is best not to touch with bare hands – glove up or have something clean and non-scratchy between item and your hands.

Installation – A firm flat level surface is recommended and vital for larger items –
Place a flat paver down first if it is a larger item or if ground unstable. (wider than the wire ring – no need for paver if being placed on deck/concrete) If the concrete base has nothing attached, place it first then put the wire ring over it – otherwise ring down first.
Attach all parts and get item oriented correctly – when happy – start filling the wire ring with stones by Sprinkling them all the way around the base to keep the wire ring even and a circle.
DO NOT just pour them in – once you have established an even circle you can evenly pour the stones in if you wish

If a Stainless Steel item - clean off any finger prints with Turps on a tissue or paper towel (nothing scratchy) if the turps doesn’t remove marks try window cleaner on a tissue.

Dismantling – If item has spheres/balls on top – these can generally be lifted off for transportation. (Except for the koru/heart shaped items where they are fixed on) Wiggle base wire ring upwards to release stones – these can then be gathered up into buckets and you will then be able to see how the item or parts are attached to the concrete base - fixed in, bolted or sitting in holes.